The Mass Strong Man Chris Cook's First Bodybuilding

Chris Cook's first bodybuilding

The strong man Chris Cook's first bodybuilding competition was in 1996, where he placed 1st in the heavy weight division and Overall in the NPC (National Physique Committee) Mr. Anchorage. His first IFBB event was in the New York Cup of 2005, where he placed 6th. 

In 2006 he competed in the Arnold Classic and the Iron man Pro Invitational, both for the first time, and placed 15th and 10th respectively. Chris Cook has been featured in many fitness and bodybuilding articles, including being featured on the cover of FLEX magazine, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle Mag International, and Muscular Development.

Although technically not a pro yet, (he's prepping for the Nationals as we speak) The "Blond Bomber" has won the super heavy weight class at the USA 2 years in a row and is the best amateur in the world. Chris already lives the life of a professional, signing a healthy contract with Weider/AMI, making commercials and movies, and representing the sport of bodybuilding with dignity and class.

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